Friday, May 6, 2011

Salem Soapbox Derby

This past Sunday, Captain Chaos the organizer of the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby invited us and a few other cars to put on an exhibition at theSalem Soap Box Derby Association's All-American Rally. After helping a few of the other teams unload we remembered why our car is at such a disadvantage. It weights a fraction of the other teams' cars. They need 2-3 guys to pick theirs up, we can lift ours one-handed. Despite this fact, we still ended up taking first. None of us have any idea as to how this worked out considering we got smoked every heat we had. Not complaining though, we got a pretty sweet trophy that we split amongst the participants of the adult race.

We met one of the most intensely dedicated derby racers to ever exist, Jared Sjolin. He filled us in on the history of derby, all of the rules, and techniques. He's 16, has built his own car by hand, and has organized derby events in his own town by himself. Kid has got it together. Here he is pictured below:

Thanks to the Salem Soapbox Derby Association for putting on the event, Capt. Chaos, the other adult soapbox teams (SEE YOU THIS AUGUST!), and Jared Sjolin.

Here's some more pictures of the event:

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  1. Congratulations on the trophy. Gotta love Chimay beer :)