Monday, May 2, 2011

It was a long beautiful day. Started the day off early at 6:00 am and drove to Salem for their soapbox event. Learned a whole lot about all-american soapbox and all of their crazy superstitions. Also got to race our gmachine a few times. Strange thing about it, even though we lost all of our heats, we took 1st. I don't understand their math, but 1st is 1st.

Just got back from the s1's first zoobomb. Everyone was pretty stoked on the build and even more impressed after seeing the speed. On hellway I was pacing cars going 50+. For reference here's a video of hellway during the day with our friend billy and a few guys we met at the freeride:

portland cocktease from Carve Skate Media on Vimeo.

I'm off to bed. Night.


  1. Hi, Found you via your Instructables entry and loved the design and sport! Think you should get our BBC Top Gear Tv show to do a feature on your vehicles and maybe get the presenters to race them especially get The Stig to do his stuff!

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Mark from the UK

  2. Thanks for the support! As I was watching the Top Gear with the Ariel Atom v8, I had the exact same thought as you. I don't know how we would be received though considering we don't use engines... yet.

    Stay tuned though, this is just the start. We have a lot of projects planned for the summer.